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Some individuals call them cube pushers and also claim they have to do with as enjoyable as working in a spreadsheet. Players frequently despise them for their absence of theme and also because of this, lots of having actually been labeled with the phrase FUN.  The games in which you play either a European honorable, merchant or farmer who sends his or her employees out into large cardboard levels in an initiative to create one of the most useful sources of any Euro game economy– tiny wood cubes.

Absolute, obtaining victory points by pleasing a frequently abstract collection of problems doesn’t appear as unusual as fending off a whole horde of zombies or other flashy “Ameritrash” motif. However, nothing can as compare to the strategic depth and also elegant auto mechanics of Euro video games.

So yeah, they might be a little completely dry, and also it can be hard to imagine a repainted disc as a sprawling city, but these are the video games we enjoy. As well as here at Euro Parlor game Blog site, our primary objective is to share our enthusiasm (that are we joking, much more like obsession) with you! From news to thorough reviews on both brand-new and also classic video games as well as general discourse, we’ll be your weekly location for everything Euro video game related.

We wish you appreciate and keep pushing cubes!