3 Reasons to Send Flowers to a Bereaved Friend

Posted on: 29 April 2020

If one of your friends has lost someone close to them, then you may not be sure how to comfort them. The time immediately after a death is a difficult and busy one, and you may not want to intrude on their grief.

Sending sympathy flowers to their home is a nice thing to do. When is this a good idea?

1. You Don't Know What to Say

It's not easy to find the right words of comfort at this difficult time. You may worry about upsetting your friend even more by talking about their loss.

Or, you may not be sure what to say to tell them that you are there for them. You're aware that they aren't in a position right now to chat or to open up.

Sending an arrangement of sympathy flowers can help here. The flowers will brighten up your friend's day at a difficult time. You can add a card with a heartfelt message so that they know that you are thinking of them.

2. You Want to Show Support After the Funeral

Your friend may have had a lot of support from their family and other friends immediately after their bereavement. People will also have been there to help out with practical things like organising the funeral and preparing meals, for example.

However, many people find the time immediately after a funeral hard to deal with. Other people may give them more space at this time; they may assume that the bereaved person no longer needs as much support.

Your friend could be on their own a lot during this period. They'll probably see fewer people and have fewer chances to talk and to have company. They may feel even more alone.

A bunch of flowers gives people a boost at this time. Flowers send the message that you are still there for them when they need a chat or extra support. They give them something positive to focus on.

3. You Couldn't Make the Funeral

In some cases, you won't be able to attend a funeral to pay your respects and support your friend. You may not have been able to take the time off or to travel to the service. In some cases, people don't find out that someone has died until after the funeral.

Sending flowers at this stage allows you to pay your respects. It tells your friend that you care and that you were sorry you couldn't be there for them.

To find out more about sympathy flowers and suitable arrangements, ask your local florist for advice. 


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